The renewed interest in the once standard now high in demand lookbook is really kicking in. They seemed to fall out of favour when the internet came along but now they're well and truly back. We're in the process of cataloguing a collection from our recent trip to Europe, and how beautiful they are! Tons of time, effort and money was invested in the production of some SUPER special issues during the 1990s and early 2000s - very much the golden age of this type of lookbook publishing. Versace. Need we say more? They're divine! We've come across some absolute gems just recently and thought we'd share three of our favourites. 

Versus Versace Spring Summer 1997

In first place - Versus Versace Spring Summer 1997. Just look at that collage of a cover! What's great about Gianni Versace's lookbooks is the contrast between DIY/scrapbook aesthetic and high quality black and white/colour photography by the likes of Bruce Weber, Richard Avedon and Steven Meisel. Each book captures the fun spirit of the brand perfectly and they're still so relevant and fresh to look at almost 20 years since originally produced. We'd be delighted to see more look books of this caliber today.

It's no surprise this is so good - look who worked on it - 'The Dream Team'
Photographed by: Bruce Weber
Produced by: Donatella Versace and Paul Beck
Stylist: Joe McKenna
Hair: Guido Palau
Also inside...wait for it...Jon Bon Jovi photographed by Richard Avedon, genius!

Gianni Versace Collezione Donna Spring Summer 1994

In at number two is this little beauty: Linda Evangelista photographed by Richard Avedon for Gianni Versace Collezione Donna Spring Summer 1994. Featuring the work of three top photographers throughout; Bruce Weber, Richard Avedon AND if that wasn't enough...Steven Meisel. This is special. And the bold graphic border continues inside - perfect in every way!

Calvin Klein Spring Summer 1997

Gianni Versace certainly knew how to produce a good look book. But we also absolutely love this pared down example in contrast. In at third place: Kate Moss photographed by Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein in 1997. It's all about lines and composition, look at those shapes. Kate looks stunning as aways, what a babe.

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